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 The Tao of Medighee

Harmonious. Integrative. Nourishing. Convenient. These four make up the pillars of that which is Medighee. Made only with organic & wildcrafted ingredients and in accordance with the ancient techniques of Ayurvedic and Tibetan Medicine, as part of Medighee’s standard of harmony and synergy, we acknowledge the energetics - the actual tastes, temp., and unique qualities of each ingredient - in the formula making process so that every jar you hold contains substances that are not clashing or neutralizing each other, but rather are working in accord to ensure you receive the maximum benefits and effect. Medighee is also committed to the integration of plants, superfoods, and fungi from all over the globe and all manner of healing and life-extension traditions into one body, an embodiment of the theme of “wholeness” respectful of the cultures they come from.


Medighee also represents nourishment. Nourishing your body, mind, spirit, nourishing awareness. And its potency is an element to how it nourishes us. Because Medighee is brewed with the ingredients blended synergistically, then the bioactive principles extracted through a brewing process that too is conscious of what the ingredients need, with the added addition of mindfulness on the part of the brew master, the finished product is one that your senses will enjoy and delight in yet also will invigorate the deepest layers of your being. Lastly is the pillar of convenience. Because it’s a ghee it can be consumed as easily as with a spoon dipped into the jar as you’re heading out (or back) from your destination, and because it’s versatile you can apply it where ever a cooking oil is required or simply mix it into your favorite hot drink or smoothie. In short, Medighee is committed to transcendence, and that is what you’re consuming with every jar.

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