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  • How do I use Medighee?
    1. mix a half or full teaspoon into your anxiously waiting smoothie/chai/coffee/or milkshake 2. mix a quarter (1/4) teaspoon in a cup of steaming black tea (this is a casual Tibetan style of enjoying it) 3. eat it straight, starting with half a teaspoon, then working your way up to a full teaspoon (or as desired) 4. use as a spread, such as on toast, bread, or bagels 5. use anywhere a cooking oil or butter is required (try baking a cake with it)
  • Are your products organic?
    Yes. All Medighee products are made with ingredients that are organic, wildcrafted, and happy.
  • Can I apply it topically?
  • What’s the shelf-life for this product?
    In a cabinet = 1 year. Refrigerated = 2 years. Note: ghee, in an air-tight vessel, is know to be aged, even up to 100 years, so, this means that you could potentially age your medighee, under the right conditions, for decades (and you’ll know it’s aging because it starts turning white).
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