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A World of Golden Light

Medighee started as an inspiration. As a desire to explore. Having been taught how to make medicinal ghee when studying up north at the California College of Ayurveda (grad. 2006), Will Jackson, the founder of Medighee, returned to LA to continue his personal studies in Classical Chinese Herbology while also adding to his knowledge and toolset for what would later be reflected in the breadth, scope, and vision of Medighee - the study and application of multiple global traditions of Holistic and plant medicine, ranging from S. America, to N. America, to W. Africa, to Tibet, and beyond - rivers of healing and rejuvenation converging into what would become an ocean of nectar of medicinal ghee.  Additionally, combined together with the practices of Yoga, meditation, and the Taoist tradition of Xian Yao ("Plants for Transcendence") all these elements contributed to what would later be the foundation of Medighee’s philosophy of universality, mindfulness, energetics (consideration of the actual personality of the herbs worked with, therefore better knowing what ingredients to pair with each other), and ease of consumption, Medighee being a wellness food that needn't require you to ingest pills, capsules, tablets, or tinctures.

Enter 2016. While Will was working in Supplements & Nutrition and dwelling on how to apply his education in Holistic Medicine toward something exciting, evolutionary, groundbreaking, and in the realm of health & transcendence that not only individuals could enjoy and benefit from, but may also help to counterbalance the effects of various environmental insults and vitiation, it hit him - make a medicinal ghee. And he did, introducing ghee, to his knowledge, to someone it had never met before - Chinese Medicine. This merging of ghee with Chinese herbs was the first expression of Medighee's commitment to integration and transcendence, radiating the desire to bring something new, exciting, timely, and transformative to the global community while also continuing to explore and introduce ghee to new lands of healing, magic, beauty, and longevity. Thus by 2017, Medighee was born, and with its emergence, may it now act as a golden bridge between the ancient divine substance that is ghee, and the various plants, spices, superfoods, and medicinal mushrooms of the world, and you.

About the founder

William Jackson is a practitioner of Ayurvedic Medicine with a multi-disciplinary approach. Will studied Ayurveda at the California College of Ayurveda (grad. 2006), that same year receiving recognition from UCLA as a presenter on Ayurvedic medicine at their very first Health Fair. He is a graduate of Dancing Shiva’s course of Yoga & Ayurveda (2017), has apprenticed in Chinese Herbology (Dragon Herbs, 2002), is the international instructor on making medicinal ghee for Sorig Khang International (the global organization for the preservation, propagation, and study of Tibetan Medicine), and incorporates plants and herbs from African, Tibetan, Chinese, Amazonian, and Western systems of healing into his practice and his product, creating thus a crossroads approach to healing, wellness, and transformation.

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