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There's An Element For You

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about medicinal ghee

Harnessing the power of herbs, spices, superfoods, and mushrooms.

Medicinal (or herbal) ghee is ghee that has been infused with the healing properties of medicinal herbs, spices, superfoods, or mushrooms. By infusing ghee with the actions and qualities of these natural elements, medicinal ghee is able to more immediately impact and penetrate the target organs, systems, and tissues of the body, increasing their bioavailability by up to 30%. As a healing substance for the brain, the union of ghee and herbs also allows their action to cross the blood-brain barrier more easily, thus making that organ more receptive to the nourishment it craves. Feel and taste the difference! 

The Elements

Find the elements that best fits your needs

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  • Immunity

  • Digestion

  • Sleep, Stress, & Relaxation

  • Children

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  • Masculine Energy

  • Hair, Skin, & Nails

  • Restore & Rejuvenate

  • Aphrodisiacs

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  • Feminine Energy

  • Sports & Gym

  • Cardiovascular

  • Culinary

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  • Detox

  • Vision

  • Respiratory

  • Healthy Aging

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  • Cognitive & Emotional Support

  • Meditation & Yoga





+ Made according to ancient Ayurvedic and Tibetan medical techniques 

+ Made with organic & wildcrafted ingredients from all over the world

+ Made with organic ghee made from butter that comes only from

   well-treated grass-fed cows

+ All herbs are brewed to maintain their highest potency

Ghee instead of butter

Ghee is clarified butter. It is butter that has all of the milk sugars and proteins (such as casein and lactose) cooked out of it, making it not only a healthier option than butter, but acceptable for those that are lactose intolerant. Ghee contains vitamins a, e, and k, omega-3, omega-6, conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), DHA, and is rich in butyrate (a natural anti-inflammatory agent).  Ghee is also one of the best choices for high temp. cooking since its smoke (or, burning) point is 482°F (250°C), one of the highest in the world. 

In Ayurvedic Medicine, the ancient healing science of India and the birth place of medicinal ghee, ghee (ghrta in Sanskrit, also called amrtā - food of the gods), is inherently good for body types of either a cold or hot temperament (vata or pitta, in Ayurvedic terms, respectively), is used as a digestive stimulant, brain food, as a rejuvenator and restorative to the body and mind, to promote good eye sight and complexion, to increase the life force, strengthen and refine male reproductive fluid, enhance one’s beauty, intellect, and voice, and is used in ritual to increase prosperity and auspiciousness. Lastly, as per its connection to cooking and medicine, this ancient and sacred substance is used as a conductor of the actions and properties of any medicinal herbs and spices it’s combined with, driving their actions deeply and efficiently into all the tissues of the body.


Mix a half or full teaspoon into your anxiously waiting smoothie, chai, coffee, or milkshake.

Mix a quarter (1/4) teaspoon in a cup of steaming black tea (this is a casual Tibetan style of enjoying it).

Use as a spread, such as on toast, bread, or bagels

Use anywhere a cooking oil or butter is required (*bake a cake with it*)

Eat it straight, starting with half a teaspoon, then working your way up to a full teaspoon (or as desired)

suggested uses

Delicious so many ways!

“ After putting the Medighee in my coffee, I felt like something huge shifted, and I was utterly overwhelmed and overjoyed with the pure quality. I am so delighted, and I feel so thankful and honored. Through consuming Medighee, it will give you the means to utilize the power, stamina, and strength you already have. The creator, William, cares that much. He wants everyone to be healthy and thrive. I recommend Medighee to anyone looking for something extraordinary and genuinely touching. The shipping was fast and the packaging was perfect. 10/10.”


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